Creating Positive Food Experiences Through Music

Music has been associated with food and dining for a long time, but many people don’t really understand the reason behind it. There are many reasons why music is played while people eat, enhancing their dining experience. It is common to find different types of restaurants playing different types of music. This isn’t for fun, it is a business strategy that they use on their customers depending on the type of restaurant. In this article, we are going to take a look at creating positive food experiences through music, which will help you to understand the logic behind the music played in restaurants.

People Eat On Beat

When people listen to fast music, they are more likely to eat faster, the same going for other music tempos. This is the reason you will find many fast foods playing fast music, while diners play slow music. The slow music makes the guests eat slower and more likely to spend more on things like desert, coffee, or wine.

Music Alters the Perception of Time

People tend to lose track of time while eating as they listen to music like jazz or classical music. Music that people are familiar with can easily make them realize for how long they have been there, making them uneasy.

Music Influences Behavior

According to studies, music influences certain behaviors in human beings. When the music is loud, they tend to talk louder, encouraging them to drink more, while quiet music encourages conversation and romance.

Music Changes How Food Tastes

The sound and frequency of the music can actually influence the way food tastes, according to recent research. Frequencies that are low make it bitter, while high frequencies make it sweeter. People enjoy the food more when the music isn’t too loud.

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Music is very important when it comes to the dining experience, and as musicians, people should use the best of everything so that they produce quality sounds.…