Great Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

With just about every grocery store selling baked treats, it is quite challenging to keep your bakery up and running.  People today will sacrifice the quality taste of your foods for something watered down an instant if it means they don’t have to make a second trip to a different café.  It is so important to remind the public of what real baked treats from a fine bakery tastes like so they will be willing to take that extra drive to your store.  The only way to remind them of your bakery is through marketing.  Here are some of the best marketing tips that will help keep your bakery on the map.

Leverage Social Media

All of your clients are spending a lot of time on social media sites which means you should be advertising there.  Show peoples what delicious treats are available in store today by posting on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  And if you are not too great at online marketing then you should learn more social media marketing tips by taking a quick online training course.

Send Friendly Greetings

Find ways to say hello to customers so they will feel welcome and invited to your bakery.  You can do this by sending emails, sharing greetings on social media, with a handy blackboard outside of your store or by adding some tiny greeting cards to orders.

Keep Tempting People

One of the best ways to keep people interested in your products is by tempting them with food photographs that look tasty and with new and delicious foods that they haven’t tried just yet.

Lett the Aroma Lead Them to You

There is nothing more tempting than the smell of freshly baked food.  Allow your bakery doors to hang open whenever you have something baking in the oven so delicious scents of freshly baked foods can fill the streets and lead more people your way.

Offer Discounts

Instead of tossing out your older products, sell them at remarkably affordable rates.  This gives people in need a good way to fill their bellies and you still get some money back on foods that will soon go off.

Invite Influential People Over

Do you know a few popular and influential people in your area?  Invite them over for a free snack.  If they can share these outings on social media it would be terrific marketing for your company and you could even get a lot more sales due to a higher popularity level.

Take Great Food Photos

If the food looks tasty people will buy.  Bake your treats with visual appeal in mind and always take good quality food photos of all of those beautiful and delicious baked treats.  People love to gape at food that looks delicious and will be much more tempting to order online or visit when they know that you are the one making that fine looking food.

Consider Month Packs

Not getting enough sales?  Then perhaps it is time for you to start thinking of monthly package deals.  If more people bought their bread from your store instead of grocery stores on a monthly basis you could soon be looking at quite a lot of extra sales even if that means making monthly or weekly deliveries.…