5 Reasons Your Bakery Business Needs a Lawyer

If you own a bakery or any other business, having a lawyer on your team is something you should consider. This is because we deal with many suppliers, handle many products, and sign several contracts, among other things. This means that if we aren’t careful, lawsuits and other legal complications are bound to stick their necks out of nowhere, making like intolerable. This is where a lawyer can protect you. In this article, we are going to take a look at 5 reasons your bakery needs a lawyer.

Tilt lawsuits to your advantage

Having a lawyer on your team means that he knows everything going on with your business, and in the event of a lawsuit, he can hit the ground running. This is especially if they are the one that took care of all your legal agreements. This will give you an advantage in the legal dispute.

Contracts and legal agreements are airtight

The chances of clients, contractors, and associates taking advantage of your business are higher when the contracts with them aren’t solid. These are the sort of things that a lawyer can help the business avoid.

Avoid mistakes you aren’t aware of

There are many things that a person without legal knowledge might not know about business, that could lead to their downfall. This is the reason why you’ll find even the most experienced entrepreneurs have business lawyers with specific knowledge of their businesses. They are there to save them from spending huge amounts of money that could have been avoided, and unnecessary stress.


In the event that you need additional legal help, a well-connected business lawyer will quickly refer you to the right professional for assistance and guidance.

Easier to get paid

There are those instances when clients, vendors, partners, or associates owe money and yet don’t look like they are paying any time soon. When a lawyer is the one that requests for the payments, chances are higher that they will pay up instantly to avoid any legal tussles.

Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding

Still, on legal matters, there are those instances where you get caught up in things like accidents, and you end up getting a personal injury. In such instances, it usually turns out that you will need to get medical care while the lawsuit is ongoing, and that means money. Lawsuit funding comes in here, being either lawsuit loans or pre-settlement cash advances that will enable you to pay for treatment. If you’re wondering how to get lawsuit funding, there are companies like Legal Bay Law Suit Funding that provide people with a channel through which they can access the funds in an easy and fast process. Below are some of their services:

  • 24-hour approvals
  • Lowest industry rates
  • Free case evaluation
  • Pay only if you win
  • No payments out of the pocket
  • 100% risk-free

Some of the cases that can get legal funding include:

  • All motor vehicle accidents
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Accidents
  • Discrimination
  • Employment Disputes/Wrongful Termination
  • Jones Act/ Maritime Law
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury/ Negligence
  • Pharmaceutical/ Bad Drugs
  • Police Brutality/ Wrongful Imprisonment
  • Product Liability/ Medical Devices
  • Premise Liability/ Slip and Falls
  • Railroad Accidents – FELA
  • Sexual Abuse/ Harassment
  • Surgical Funding/ Medical Receivable Financing
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Wrongful Death

To start the lawsuit funding process, simply go to their website and fill out an online form.


Having a personal business lawyer for your business is very important, and the reasons highlighted above are just a few of many more. None of us would want to put our businesses into trouble over something that could have been avoided by simply hiring a lawyer.…

Great Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

With just about every grocery store selling baked treats, it is quite challenging to keep your bakery up and running.  People today will sacrifice the quality taste of your foods for something watered down an instant if it means they don’t have to make a second trip to a different café.  It is so important to remind the public of what real baked treats from a fine bakery tastes like so they will be willing to take that extra drive to your store.  The only way to remind them of your bakery is through marketing.  Here are some of the best marketing tips that will help keep your bakery on the map.

Leverage Social Media

All of your clients are spending a lot of time on social media sites which means you should be advertising there.  Show peoples what delicious treats are available in store today by posting on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  And if you are not too great at online marketing then you should learn more social media marketing tips by taking a quick online training course.

Send Friendly Greetings

Find ways to say hello to customers so they will feel welcome and invited to your bakery.  You can do this by sending emails, sharing greetings on social media, with a handy blackboard outside of your store or by adding some tiny greeting cards to orders.

Keep Tempting People

One of the best ways to keep people interested in your products is by tempting them with food photographs that look tasty and with new and delicious foods that they haven’t tried just yet.

Lett the Aroma Lead Them to You

There is nothing more tempting than the smell of freshly baked food.  Allow your bakery doors to hang open whenever you have something baking in the oven so delicious scents of freshly baked foods can fill the streets and lead more people your way.

Offer Discounts

Instead of tossing out your older products, sell them at remarkably affordable rates.  This gives people in need a good way to fill their bellies and you still get some money back on foods that will soon go off.

Invite Influential People Over

Do you know a few popular and influential people in your area?  Invite them over for a free snack.  If they can share these outings on social media it would be terrific marketing for your company and you could even get a lot more sales due to a higher popularity level.

Take Great Food Photos

If the food looks tasty people will buy.  Bake your treats with visual appeal in mind and always take good quality food photos of all of those beautiful and delicious baked treats.  People love to gape at food that looks delicious and will be much more tempting to order online or visit when they know that you are the one making that fine looking food.

Consider Month Packs

Not getting enough sales?  Then perhaps it is time for you to start thinking of monthly package deals.  If more people bought their bread from your store instead of grocery stores on a monthly basis you could soon be looking at quite a lot of extra sales even if that means making monthly or weekly deliveries.…

Starting a Bakery Business? Here Are the Food Photography Tips You Need to Know

If you are starting a bakery business, and you intend to have a website advertising your services and wares, then it is critical that the photographs make the food look attractive. Great food photography helps create a feast for the eyes, which hopefully encourages potential buyers to purchase feasts for their bellies.

If you aren’t familiar with photography techniques as they relate to food, here are some tips to make sure your digital images are as appetizing as possible.

Keep it Fresh

Fresh ingredients are more attractive in person, and definitely more attractive in photographs. Before you begin crafting food items for website images, check every ingredient that is involved. Make sure the colors are appropriately vibrant, that fruit skins are smooth, and that no damage is present within the shot.

That way you are building off of a strong foundation for your photographs and may be able to limit the number of corrections required in post processing.

Food Photography

Learn about Light

Lighting is crucial for food photography, and that means you need to pay special attention to the lighting conditions during the short. In general, natural light is your friend, so feel free to let sunlight into the space. However, when natural light isn’t available, you need artificial lights designed to mimic natural lighting conditions.

You will also want to invest in a reflector or two. These help bounce light around the food items and help eliminate shadows that might make a food seem less appealing.

Include Something White

Many cameras and photo editing software applications are able to adjust coloring based on the concept of white balance. This involves selecting a portion of an image you know is supposed to be white, and removing any color casts by making sure that portion shows as a true white either while taking a photograph or in post processing.

By having a reference point for white balance, you can make sure the objects in the picture have the most natural looking colors once any color casts are corrected. And that can make a food look scrumptious enough to eat right off the screen.

Manage the Scene

Normally, there will be more in the photograph than just the finished food item. You can use the space surrounding the dish to help highlight interesting points and create a complete scene. For example, if you’re the food you are showcasing is made from multiple ingredients, consider surrounding the finished product with some of the raw ingredients. These can serve as great props and generally work with the overall color scheme (since they are all part of the completed meal).

You can also add items associated with the food. For example, cutlery and simple plates or bowls are easy accessories to add and are completely appropriate for completing the scene.

Don’t Forget Yourself

While these photography techniques referred to food, it is also important you look your best if you add a headshot to your site. While you don’t have to go very far to make your picture look it’s best, you might want to look into tricks regarding removing blemishes, brightening the eyes, or how to whiten teeth in Photoshop. That way, you can be the absolute best version of you before you post the photo to the web.…

How to Start Your Home Based Bakery Business

Often times, accomplishment in business is impacted by regardless of whether a man truly appreciates the work he has picked. In the event that you appreciate baking, you may increase both satisfaction and critical salary by beginning a baked-good business in your very own home. Before you begin, be that as it may, it’s vital to inquire about the laws in your area. A few locales forbid the offering of goods prepared in private kitchens. In the event that you get a green light, nonetheless, a proper plan may help you understand monetary accomplishment in your home based bakery. Check out the following tips to help you get on your feet regarding your home based bakery business.

How to Start Your Home Based Bakery Business

Contact the branch of inspection and licensing, business directions office, or health division in your general vicinity to learn whether working a food preparation business in your house is lawful. A few urban communities or towns may not permit you offer food for sale that is prepared in a private kitchen.

Ask a licensing or health department agent whether you should remodel your home kitchen with a specific end goal to start a home based business. Every city or town may have special models for food preparation businesses that are home based.

Acquire the licenses and permits required to maintain a food preparation business from your home. The prerequisites vary from area to area, yet may incorporate a food handler permit and food preparation permit. You will probably need to pay a charge and finish an application to secure the permitting and allows you require. The health department may likewise investigation your kitchen as a feature of this procedure.

Apply for a business permit on the off chance that one is required in your city or town. Numerous areas require all entrepreneurs to get licenses before they begin operations. A business permit is ordinarily separate from other permits and allows for preparing and offering home-baked goods.

Meet with an insurance agent to decide the sort of insurance you should get for a home based baking business. An insurance agent may prescribe that you keep up to certain obligations to ensure your business and different resources in the occasion somebody is sickened or generally harmed by your baked goods.

Make a complete list of baked goods to offer. You may begin with a few baked goods, for example, pies, cakes and treats, and after that grow your business to incorporate such things as claim to other types of breads and croissants once you’ve created interest as well as a customer base.

Set up a menu and value list. Incorporate the expenses of fixings in your costs and remuneration for your work. You may likewise acquire costs for comparative things from other prepared products organizations and utilize them to value your merchandise aggressively. Opt for payroll outsourcing to get your finances handled by experts. This will save you from the hassle of calculating expenses, costs and profits as your accounts and other financial matters will be handled by experts who know how to do their job.…