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Humans are a curious and creative lot! One of the things that has made humans so successful throughout history is our willingness to experiment with new things we have discovered. One such area that dramatically influenced survival of specific populations throughout they history of humankind is the area of foods.
Humans can eat “just about” anything and obtain energy or nutrition (or both) from what they eat. Some things we have discovered and eaten have been wonderful just as they are when found or harvested in nature. Othere items have the nutrients locked up behind tough cell wall structures and provide little in the way of energy or nutrition when eaten raw by humans (because of how our digestive system is built), while other foods can be downright harmful–acutely toxic, toxic when consumed over time, or even binding up or causing the inability to uptake vital nutrients from other foods, hosting nasty parasites or pathogenic organisms, etc..
For many of these foods, humans learned that cooking these foods made some of them edible or seemed to make them more digestible. Some foods acquired a much better flavor and became quite enjoyable to eat as well as providing good nutrition and food safety. Of course, early humans did not know WHAT the cooking was doing to the food, but they did understand flavor and easy digestion.

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