Tips for Enhancing Bakery Safety

Unlike jewelry stores, bakeries are not the type of businesses that are robbed all too commonly. But that doesn’t mean that your business won’t ever be targeted for robbery. It is important to get regular security upgrades at your bakery. The right security upgrades reduce potential risks and increase the safety of everyone visiting or working at your bakery.

Here are the best tips to help keep your business safe and sound throughout the day or night.

Upgrade Your Doors and Windows

Do you have old and out of date doors? Do you have good locks on your windows? If not then it is time for you to give a good door and window repair company like Lämpölux a call. These experts can replace unsuitable doors with something sturdier or can upgrade your out of date locks with something modern that is sure to keep criminals out.

Get an Alarm System

Alarm systems are a must-have for all businesses that operate in high-risk areas. Alarms are perfect for keeping your property safe and sound whenever you are closing up for the night and can discourage burglars when the alarm system sounds.

Do Regular Electric Inspections

Bakeries rely on good quality ovens and electric appliances to prepare all of those tasty treats. But these appliances can malfunction to cause a fire. A great way to enhance your business safety is by getting an electrician to inspect your property every year. When everything is functioning perfectly, the risk of these types of disasters is greatly reduced.

Make Time for Security Meetings

Have regular security meetings and discus possible threats with your employees. Teach them the right way to act or the best possible things they can do to ensure that no one gets hurt in these unforeseen events.

Practice Good Hygiene

In bakeries, your biggest enemy is not burglars or natural disasters. The thing you need to be most wary of is health and safety inspectors. Bakeries are required to follow a specific protocol to ensure the health and safety of consumers. It is important to keep your business clean, organized and tidy at all times so you won’t be targeted by health inspectors. When your business is properly cleaned and when all the right hygiene practices are in place, the risk of getting closed down is greatly reduced.

Be Strict With Protocol

A lot of small businesses tend to slack off when it comes to protocol. They formulate a family relationship between co-workers. While these strong bonds are great for keeping your business up and running, it can cause you to ignore behaviors that could affect your sales. Following business conduct is keeps everyone in line and keeps your customers happy.

Proper safety and security are a great way to keep your business operational for many years to come, especially in these modern competitive times when some small setback can affect your ability to stay operational. With these basic tips in place, you can reduce the risks involved in operating a brick and mortar building and enjoy baking to the fullest.…

Revamping Your Bakery

With the rise in competition in the marketplace, business owners are obliged to revamp their businesses from time to time to remain relevant in the market. With the change in trends, businesses have to also change according to trends. With bakery businesses, it is hard to segregate according to niche though some businesses are able to do it. Regardless of the scenario, you should aim to change things from time to time as customers want a new feel with time. It not only helps to maintain customer loyalty but also helps to drive up sales. Some of the ways in which you can revamp your bakery include:

Re-brand your bakery

Branding is an integral part of marketing and will all know that marketing is the backbone of any organization. That, therefore, means that branding is very important for any business or company. There are many ways of making your brand strong but you need a strategy to be a success. There are many things entailed in branding. Living in the digital age it means that you have to consider that in branding as well. That means you have to bear your website, social media pages, and the general look of the company in the digital world. You also need to take care of the physical look of the company. That entails changing the wall, colors, the general structure and arrangement of the bakery. Giving it a fresh look will influence everything. Changing the décor is also a great way to give it a new life. In changing the physical look do not forget about the floors. For example, using solid timber flooring in place of plastic tiles will upgrade the look of the place.

Take care of employees

As much as the customer is king, you need to make sure your employees are happy so that customers are happy in turn. The first step is getting the right employees. The kind of employees who have your mission at heart and are enthusiastic about their work. Another thing is that employees need to feel like they are important in the company. Appreciating them will make them feel important and make them give their all. You can also do team buildings and training just to refresh them and make them love their job. The job environment also needs to be the kind that every employee is looking forward to.

Try out new recipes

Trying out new recipes is a great way of keeping your customers hooked. You can invest in new cookbooks or even try different recipes from the internet. Customers will appreciate trying out new stuff or try their usual with a new twist.

Keep up the trends

With the change of trends every day, businesses are obliged to keep up with the trends. With the internet age, it is easy to keep up with trends as all you need to do is to research to know what other similar bakeries are doing to know what to incorporate.…

Creating Positive Food Experiences Through Music

Music has been associated with food and dining for a long time, but many people don’t really understand the reason behind it. There are many reasons why music is played while people eat, enhancing their dining experience. It is common to find different types of restaurants playing different types of music. This isn’t for fun, it is a business strategy that they use on their customers depending on the type of restaurant. In this article, we are going to take a look at creating positive food experiences through music, which will help you to understand the logic behind the music played in restaurants.

People Eat On Beat

When people listen to fast music, they are more likely to eat faster, the same going for other music tempos. This is the reason you will find many fast foods playing fast music, while diners play slow music. The slow music makes the guests eat slower and more likely to spend more on things like desert, coffee, or wine.

Music Alters the Perception of Time

People tend to lose track of time while eating as they listen to music like jazz or classical music. Music that people are familiar with can easily make them realize for how long they have been there, making them uneasy.

Music Influences Behavior

According to studies, music influences certain behaviors in human beings. When the music is loud, they tend to talk louder, encouraging them to drink more, while quiet music encourages conversation and romance.

Music Changes How Food Tastes

The sound and frequency of the music can actually influence the way food tastes, according to recent research. Frequencies that are low make it bitter, while high frequencies make it sweeter. People enjoy the food more when the music isn’t too loud.

Microphone Basics

One of the most important factors when creating music is the type and quality of the microphones. They are the ones which bring out the vocals and enhance the quality of the music. It can get pretty confusing trying to figure out the best microphone. There are many reasons to use the right microphone, whether with your phone or laptop and you shouldn’t worry if you know nothing about them. is a website that is dedicated to providing tips, advice, and reviews on microphones. This is good because they go into detail regarding the different microphones, cables, and input devices. The site was started by a team of friends who have more than 20 years in the recording and publishing industry.

Whatever budget you have​, the best mics, best condensers, the best USB microphones, best microphones to use with your iPhone or DSLR, Microphone Basics have thorough knowledge and can give you information down to your very specifics. They provide honest microphone reviews with mics that they have used.


Music is very important when it comes to the dining experience, and as musicians, people should use the best of everything so that they produce quality sounds.…

Foods That Are Good for the Skin

The skin is just like the other organs of the body, relying on food to keep it healthy alongside cosmetics and dermatology. There are certain foods that are very beneficial to the skin that we should consider including in our diets. On this article, we are going to take a look at foods that are good for the skin.

Nutrients for the skin

Foods that contain antioxidants are very important for the skin since the provide the nutrients required to fight things such as diseases, pollution, and even bad climates. They also prevent the skin from aging, improving the epidermis.

Fruits and vegetables

Some of the veggies that are rich in antioxidants include broccoli and cabbages. These veggies are also rich in vitamins C and E, which are responsible for the stimulation of collagen production, and the protection of the skin from ultraviolent rays.

Carrots, on the other hand, are responsible for epidermal tissue repairs, brought about by beta-carotenes found in them. They are also responsible for the assimilation of the sun’s rays, and avoiding any damage to the skin.

The advantage of fruits is that they help in the protection of collagen, which is important for the good health of the skin. This is because they are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts also play an important role in keeping the skin healthy. Things like pumpkin seeds can be cooked with an assortment of dishes, helping in the renewal of skin and maintenance of collage due to the zinc and beta-carotenes. Almonds on the other hand, are nuts that are rich in vitamin E, which protects the skin from the sun as well as give it the required nutrition.


One of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which are responsible for cellular regeneration and the reduction of inflammation, is fatty fish. It includes the reduction of dermatological inflammation.


Water is important for many different functions in our bodies, keeping our bodies healthy. When it comes to skin, water is responsible for hydration from within, helping it to maintain its elasticity. We can drink this water, or we can also find it in some fruits such as water melons, citrus fruits, and pineapples, which have a huge composition of water.

Top 5 Microdermabrasion Devices

Still on matters skincare, we are now going to take a look at some microdermabrasion devices by Toolblush, which are responsible for complimenting other skincare products in keeping the skin healthy. If you have things such as blackheads, dry spots, or wrinkles, these devices can help you get rid of them through suction. They can also help people with the following conditions:

  • Clogged and enlarged pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin that has been photo-damaged
  • Dark mark’s left behind by acne
  • Dull skin
  • Rough textured skin
  • Excessively oily skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dry and flaky skin

Below are the leading home use microdermabrasion devices on the market:

Trophy Skin Microderm MD

This microdermabrasion device is easy to use, coming with an LED display, automated routine, 100 filters, 3 tips, 8 levels of suction, and a 5x magnifying mirror shows close scrutiny of the skin.

Silk’n Revit – for sensitive skin

Those that have sensitive skin should go for this microdermabrasion device, which comes with the lowest suction level for that purpose. It also comes with 3 different diamond tips for easy sanitation.

Microderm GLO – an all-rounder

This microdermabrasion is an all-rounder that comes with an ergonomic design. It can be used wirelessly and comes with features such as LED display, routine guide, 4 levels of suction, 3 tips, and 50 filters.

PMD Personal Microderm Classic

This microdermabrasion device is slightly different from the others because it comes with aluminum oxide crystals instead of diamond tips. It features a single speed setting and different options of non-airborne tips, that includes a training tip.

Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD​

This is for people that travel a lot since it is more portable, coming with 4 levels of suction, 50 filters, and 3 tips.


It is important to eat the right foods that are not only beneficial to the skin, but the whole body as a whole. We can also use microdermabrasion to make our skin even healthier.…

How to Properly Package Your Baked Goods

You may be someone who has always loved baking but you do not know how you are going to send your baked goodies to your family members and friends. There are a lot of people who would like to receive baked goods because they feel that this is more personal.

The first thing that you have to think about is how you would like to pack your goods. You have to realize that whenever different companies need to ship their items, they have to make sure that their items are well- packed. If not, the items may arrive damaged. If you are the buyer, do you want your items to have some missing parts or arrive damaged? No one would want this. The best thing that you can do is to pack your baked goods properly. You can get some tips from durable open top container tarps so that you will know what to do.

Choose the Right Box

There are different boxes that are available right now. Choose standard boxes when you want to start from scratch or you do not want to spend too much money when you are still starting out. Boxes come in different sizes. You can choose a small box for people who have ordered a few pieces of your cookies or your brownies. There are different sizes that you can choose from depending on what you are planning to ship.

Should You Choose Environment-Friendly Packaging?

You are recommended to choose eco-friendly packaging especially because a lot of people consider this as one of the factors when they are choosing the right company to transact with. The packaging may be more expensive but this will earn you some loyal fans immediately. Of course, some people would choose to buy from you not only because of your packaging but also because of the taste of your baked goodies.

Consider the Shipping Container

You may think that you should only focus on the packaging of your baked goods but you also have to think about the package that you will use when you are shipping items. Some would wrap the box loosely in a plastic wrap while there are also some people who would place the baked goodies in zip-lock.

Wrap the Baked Goods in Baking Paper

There are a lot of people who would like to keep the freshness of their baked goods but they do not know how to do it. The secret to this is wrapping the baked goods in baking paper. This will make the goodies last longer. The fresher your baked items are, the tastier they will become.

These are some more tips to remember:

  • Do not pack the baked goodies too much that they will already be crushed and they will not maintain their shape anymore.
  • Use your two hands in order to shake the container before you place it in plastic wrap to ensure that there is enough space inside the container. At the same time, this will also help in maintaining the freshness of the baked items.
  • Tape the container even before you place in the plastic wrap to ensure that it will not spill the items that you have baked.

With these things in mind, you will know how to pack your goods properly.…

How to Have Your Cake and Eat It While Raising a Family

“You can’t have your cake and eat it.”  This is one of the most popular and best-known proverbs.  It basically means that you cannot have everything you want or that you cannot have more than what is reasonable.

Parenthood is one of the hardest and most rewarding journeys you can take on and this proverb serves the journey perfectly because raising children is filled with joy but it is also filled with hardships.  You need to sacrifice a lot in life in order to provide for your children and to be there for them. They are a joy in life but can also cause a lot of pain through bad behaviour, bad decisions and through the things they do and say.

It just isn’t possible to enjoy being a parent all the time.  You just cannot have your cake and eat it… or can you?

There are many methods and helpful tools out there today that makes raising small children just a little bit easier.  In this article we are going to have a look at  a few of these methods to help you understand parenthood better so you can sail through challenging times and enjoy being a parent so much more.

Sign Up For Parenting Programs

Anyone can be a parent but not everyone has what it takes to be a good parent. Parenting may seem easy because there are so many people out there raising children but absolutely nothing about raising children is easy.  In fact, it is the most challenging thing you will ever do.  You go to courses to get a job so why don’t you go to programs to teach you more about parenthood and raising children? Parenting programs are there to teach you more about different raising methods, and guides and helps parents through challenging stages.  There are lots of enriching parenting programs out there such as infant massaging, positive parenting programs, support playgroups, teen programs and much more that every parent should attend.  The knowledge you gain from these groups is invaluable and will make a huge difference in your life and in the lives of your kids.

Set Tech Aside

Our modern day life is overrun by technology.  We have apps available for just about everything we want to do and there is just so much distracting content out there.  But before you know it you will have spent all day on your phone and your child will have gone without needed attention.  You got to see so many fun things on YouTube and social media but you missed out on so many fun things about your child.  Set tech aside so you can have fun and stop missing out on important things such as bug hunting, cloud gazing, star gazing and cooking sessions.

Keep an Eye Out For Free Outdoors Activities

Outdoors activities such as public play areas, picnics, local events and more are excellent for both parents and kids.  Everyone has fun on these occasions, spending time with other people and meeting new people is excellent for building strong social skills and these events gets you out of the house so you won’t become frustrated with one another.  It is so important for parents to keep an eye out for outdoor sports and adventures instead of sticking to your normal boring routine.…

Cake Shop Branding Ideas

Owning a cake shop is one thing, but making it successful is another thing. You need to find a way to make customers walk in through the door and buy your products, repeatedly. This is where branding comes in for the cake shop, which should focus on making the cake shop unique in its own way. Successful branding can’t happen overnight but eventually, people will be able to recognize the name and logo of your company. In this article, we are going to take a look at some cake shop branding ideas.


One of the best ways is connecting with the people in the community by attending things like street fairs, holding contests, where you can let them try out samples of your products and rate them online. This is bound to get your brand more recognition. You could also sponsor events and programs that are related to your cake shop products.

Free Samples

Give free samples to your customers and it is bound to keep them coming back for more. This way they get to learn more about your different products so that they can purchase what they like.

Create a Niche

You need to find a niche for the cake shop, such as making it known for delicious muffins or vanilla cookies. You can make it known for making the best wedding cakes, or birthday cakes. This will make the cake shop stand out among the competition.

Customer Service

You need to have exemplary customer service in the cake shop. Let it be known for the warm reception that is accorded to customers whenever they walk in. this means having the best support staff at the counters and train them to be at their best service.

Buy-ID Exhibition

In this part of the article, we are going to look at ID’s. it is important for the staff at your cake shop to have proper identification that also clearly shows off your branding. This is important for branding purposes whenever the staff are out of the shop, and also so that customers can recognize them easily. Buy-ID is a company that sells ID’s online and is probably the best choice for your business. They also make different fake ID’s, some of which we will take a look at shortly. They make quality and reliable ID’s which have scannable QR codes, scannable holograms layers on all the cards, and free shipping across the globe. Boasting of more than 10 years in the industry, Buy-ID’s have a full self-service ordering system that allows users to select the designs of their choice, edit and customize the card with their details, including photographs, and then pay for the cards on the platform. They can then wait for the free delivery of the ID cards. The fake ID’s should not be gotten for the wrong purposes, such as underage drinking, or you could get into trouble with the law. Some of the fake ID’s offered by Buy-ID include:

  • California Driver License
  • Connecticut Driver License
  • Illinois Driver License
  • New York State Driver License
  • Pennsylvania Driver License
  • Rhode Island Driver License
  • Texas Driver License
  • Utah Driver License


With the proper branding and good products, your cake shop can easily become one of the top-rated cake shops in your area, which ultimately means more profits. Use some of the tips mentioned above, including buying ID’s from Buy-ID.…

How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Cake

Colors have a lot of influence on everything including cakes. When it comes to cakes, it is not only about the taste and how it has been made, colors somehow have an influence on the outcome of the cake and how it will taste on your palette. That explains why you need to choose colors strategically. Colors also influence the mood and that will influence how you will take the cake. Colors influence everything starting from your outfits to hair colors to everything. That explains why for example when you are choosing a color depositing conditioner red well since it will influence how people perceive you. Some of the factors to consider while choosing the right color include:


When choosing a color, it all depends on the theme of the event. The color you choose needs to be in line with the theme. Different themes will match well with certain colors. If you have a party such as a birthday or a wedding, you should consider the theme prior to choosing a color.


Different people have different styles. Different events also have different styles and that dictates the colors that can be used. That will mainly be influenced by the theme of the wedding and the atmosphere. For example, the style of a day event will not be the same as an evening weekend. One’s style basically depends on their taste and preference.


While you are choosing a cake for a wedding or an event, it should be in sync with the décor and color scheme. The fact that the cake is part of the event is because it has an impact on the event and you don’t want it to create the wrong impression. While choosing a color that matches the décor and color scheme, it does not have to be the same color. It can be a color that complements the set colors.


For cakes, most of the time the color depends on the flavor. For example, most of the time you will find chocolate cakes are brown. As much as the icing and the froth may be a different color, most of the time it has to match. So, when you are thinking of a color it is important to consider the flavor too.


Sometimes the colors you want will influence the price of the cake. It is important to bear in mind that you can achieve sophistication with fewer colors. You don’t necessarily need it overdone for it to be fancy. There is plenty of inspirations all over that you can borrow from and achieve what you want to achieve.

Ask for recommendations

In some cases, you will need recommendations from those in the industry, either from the cake side or from event organizers. They can advise you accordingly depending on what you want to achieve.

When it comes to the overall look of everything, color has a big role to play. It is best not to leave out or ignore anything.…

Healthy Eating Habits

One of the keys to a long and healthy life is healthy eating. We all know of someone that is struggling with obesity or some other condition that is caused due to poor eating habits and nobody would like to find themselves in those shoes. In order for people to avoid such situations, they have to adopt healthy eating habits with the right nutritional intake while feeling full and energetic at the same time. Many people find it hard to maintain healthy eating habits because they believe that it just can’t fit into their busy lifestyles. They would rather drop into a fast food restaurant for a quick meal and then dash back to work or school, huge mistake. In this article, we are going to take a look at some healthy eating habits.

Eat Healthy Unprocessed Food

Most people go for convenience, and that means going for processed foods that are already packaged. These usually have chemicals such as preservatives and coloring, and their volumes of salt, sugar, and fat are also higher but devoid of nutrients. It is much healthier to buy unprocessed foods that include fresh veggies, milk, and fruits, among other things.

Opt for Healthy Whole Grains

Whole grains are richer when it comes to nutrients and fiber, and their glycemic index is much lower, meaning that people concentrate better due to feeling fuller, their energy levels also maintained.

Opt for Healthy Cooking Methods

Go for healthy cooking methods, avoiding “doing” too much or the food will work less for you. Avoid deep frying, overcooking, or buying sauces, among other things. Opt to grill, stir fry, steam, and use other options such as spices instead of salt.

Eat Healthy Portion Sizes

Many people really have no idea what the right portion of food to eat is, advertisements making it worse as they encourage people to eat more, while restaurants offer portions that are getting bigger by the day. A tip is to eat the most during the day and less at night since chances are that you’ll be heading to bed and won’t require much energy.

Understand the Options for Healthy Eating-Out

One of the things about eating out is that people are often attracted by the huge portions and the temptation to eat unhealthy foods is usually very high. That said, you should try and have healthy eating habits when eating out. You can do this by selecting the meals you’re going to eat before getting there, have the dressings and sauces set aside, take away half of the dish, and ask for extra servings of things like veggies and ride instead of chips.

Emerald Ash Borer

We get a lot of the food that we eat from plants and this means that we should take good care of them. Plants in general, are good for our environment for the obvious reasons we are not going to mention here, and that is why it is very worrying to come across pests like the Emerald Ash Borer. This is a beetle that is threatening the very existence of the Ash Tree in the United States. It has already infected trees in more than 20 states, and the government has already spent more than $120 million trying to find a solution. The beetle eats through the stem of the Ash Tree, depositing its larvae there so that it can grow. This means that not all parts of the tree are able to get water, leading to death. There is an Ash Tree cure that has to be applied to the trees every two years without fail, while the only other solution is to cut the trees and plant other species of trees.


Everyone should try and adopt a healthy eating habit if they intend to live long and healthy. The tips mentioned in this document are just some of the ways that it can be done through.…

Make Money Selling Cakes

Make Money Selling Cakes

Many people dream of making money while working from home. That is because they are probably tired of their bosses breathing down their necks, and they also want to spend more time with their families. There are numerous ways that people can make money from home, and one of those is through baking and selling cakes. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to make money selling cakes from home.

Start Off Small

It is best to start out small, taking part in things like car boot sales, community bake sells, and even the farmers market cake stall sales. This enables people to sample your products, deciding whether they like them or not. Make sure you get in touch with the local authority regarding any permits, getting a food hygiene certificate, and also getting the necessary insurance.

Car Boot Sales

Car boot and local market sales are a great way to start off.

Getting your essentials sorted out. These include a food and hygiene certificate, a health service inspection, and a host of other things that are usually dependent on where you live.

Register as self-employed

It is important to let the local tax office know your intentions, whether it is full or part-time so that you avoid trouble with them in the future.

Set up a separate bank account

This will make it easier to handle your finances, and when doing things like filing tax returns, daily returns, and calculating profits. Being that you are a sole trader, all you need is another personal bank account, not a business account.

The Best Jobs for 16-Year Olds

Still, on the subject of making money, we are now going to focus on some of the Best Jobs For 16 Year Olds that would like to make some extra cash.

  1. Baby sitter jobs are childcare jobs that can be done by 16-year olds. Those with Red Cross safety class certification will most likely earn more.
  2. House sitter jobs that involve taking care of houses or homes when the owners are out and could include feeding pets, watering plants, and other small tasks.
  3. Tutoring jobs
  4. Daycare assistants
  5. Dog walker jobs
  6. Gardening jobs
  7. Pool Cleaners
  8. Lawn mowing jobs
  9. Personal trainers, that include fitness trainers for weight loss programs, etc.
  10. Lifeguards for those that are experienced swimmers.
  11. Golf Caddies
  12. Writing jobs for blogs, websites, newspapers,, and other writing sources.
  13. Software testing jobs
  14. Virtual assistant jobs
  15. Photography jobs
  16. Social media management jobs


The jobs that we have mentioned above don’t require one to have very high education standards or expertise and can, therefore, be done by 16-year olds that understand what they are about. In the event that these teenagers have additional education such as first aid certificates, or college degrees, their pay is usually higher than those that don’t have or aren’t as qualified. They are easy ways to make money in their free time.…