At cake-ology we make cakes, all kinds of cakes! We also make cupcakes, cakettes and all kinds of other nibbly goodies. If you can’t find the information you are looking for below, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 612-9866 and we can help guide you to finding or creating something delicious. We offer delivery through Skip the Dishes as well.


We can do all kinds of cakes. Simple cakes, fun cakes, cakes that look like dogs, wedding cakes, and everything in between. Most of our cakes are custom, which means we don’t have any 3D dog cakes in the shop to pick up on a whim, they all need to be ordered ahead of time. We usually book about 2-3 weeks ahead, but please call to see if we can squeeze you in. We have cakes in stock at the shop for you to come by and pick up, we recommend calling ahead to reserve them that day. They are vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.

Each cake is made up of two layers of cake with butter cream icing (layered in between and then crumb coated). We finish our cakes off with either fondant or butter cream icing. Fondant is a type of icing used to finish off cakes (there is still butter cream inside the cakes) and it is similar in taste and texture to marsh mellows. There is gelatine in it, so veggies and vegans, be warned! Fondant is smooth and produces a clean perfect finish, and we can also use it to model little figurines and to make flowers with.  Butter cream is best used for textured looking cakes, and not for characters or small detailed designs. Instead,  we love doing repeating swirls, stripes, roses, ruffles and patterns, luscious swoops of yummy soft icing. Please check out the gallery for examples of those.

When it comes to the design and the decoration, we have tried to simplify it as best we could.  Cakes that are finished in butter cream stay at the below listed prices, fondant cakes start at those prices and final cost depends on the design. Additional charges come into play when you add 3D characters, a lot of handmade sugar flowers or any elaborate detailing.  We can do sculpted cakes as well, things such as dogs, sports jersey’s, fire trucks, buildings, and cars. These are custom priced, but generally start at $75.

Here’s an outline of what we have to offer:

Our cake flavours are:
Banana, carrot, chocolate, lemon, marble, red velvet, spice, and vanilla.

Our icing flavours are (but not limited to):
Caramel, cream cheese icing, chocolate, cinnamon, cookies and cream, lemon, maple, mocha, raspberry, strawberry, saskatoon, and vanilla.

*Small- 6” cake, round or square, serves 4-6 people and starts at $30 for butter cream and $40 for fondant
*Medium- 8” cake, serves 10-12 people and starts at $40 for butter cream and $60 for fondant
*Large- 10” cake, serves 20 people and starts at $60 for butter cream and $80 for fondant

While we try our best to avoid cross contamination, our bakery does have nuts (peanuts, cashews, pecans, walnuts) and we do use flour. We can provide treats and cakes without specific ingredients (such as eggs and milk) but we do not guarantee that the products will be 100% free.  We offer gluten free baking as well and we use a rice flour substitute, again with the airborne nature of flour, we cannot guarantee 100% free.


Cakettes are our little creation from all this cake we have at the shop! They are cake, mixed with butter cream and then dipped in chocolate. These are done and set in a mini cupcake liner. We can also do them on sticks, and these we refer to as cake pops. They are finished in white or milk chocolate and can be decorated in a couple different ways. We can use colored chocolate to drizzle over top, or top with sprinkles or sanding sugar.

Cakettes we always have available at the shop and are available for purchase, $1.50 each, $15/dzn. Cake pops are done by special order only and are $1.75 each. Cake pops are available in chocolate cake and vanilla cake and we can wrap them up for you (for an additional $0.25 each); perfect for gift giving. Cakette flavours are chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, raspberry, chai spice, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate mint, coconut, mocha, and lemon.


Our cupcakes are a perfect addition to your party, to give away as gifts or just as a treat for yourself. We carry a variety of cupcakes daily at the shop, they are $2.50 each, $14 for a half dozen or $28 for a full dozen. The variety changes from day to day and we also feature seasonal specials. Cupcakes are also available to order and customize, and they are available in all of our cake flavours in multiples of 6. We also can make things to put on top of cupcakes, they start $1.00 each, and include characters, symbols, numbers and flowers, and are made out of (edible) gum paste and fondant.

Sweets & Treats!

In the shop we carry a variety of other treats, notably imperial cookies, lemon slice (gluten free), caramel pecan bars (gluten free). Imperial cookies are sugar cookies, sandwiched with jam (raspberry and Saskatoon) and topped with a royal icing. Our lemon slice and caramel pecan bars are made with rice flour, making them gluten free.  We do a variety of other squares as well, including brownies, date slice, granola bars, and others that we find delicious. In the shop we also have hard ice cream available, for cups and cones. We make decadent waffle cones in house and also sandwich up the ice cream with house made cookies for ice cream sandwiches. We also have milkshakes and floats for those hot summer days and nights.

All prices are current for Winter 2015.